Me, myself and I


A few things I know about me…

I’m above the fateful thirty plus ten mark, I’m blond but less than it seems, curvy sometimes, married, three children, the famous Thingy, Darling and Helmut, the super star, our last one, Rose officially.

I started to blog in 2006 and since then, it has become a drug. From texts, that were not fun fun, about my torment as a girl who sometimes – often – could barely enter Parisian shops’ fitting rooms, I moved on to lighter, angrier also sometimes, chronicles,

This blog came to life, more and more. It also became a theater play, “Dans la peau d’une grosse [1]”, played for one year in Le Lieu Theater. I’ve also written a few books known as “girly”, published by Hachette. Not great literature but nothing I disown.

In real life, I’m a journalist. I’ve worked for eight years in a very serious press agency called AEF. I was assistant editor, specialized in higher education subjects. And then in January 2011, I’ve decided to take the plunge in the unknown and become freelance, to write something different from wires, to develop collaborations with newspapers I love and get down to editorial projects which might come to a successful conclusion one day. I hold concurrently today status of freelance journalist, author and entrepreneur. You can read my articles in women’s magazines (especially Psychologies Magazine but also l’Express Style, Pleine Vie,, they are signed « Caroline Desages ». I also write about my former subjects, under the name of Caroline Franc, in more “serious” newspapers like Le Monde or Challenges.


[1] TN: Being a curving girl.