– You disappeared.

– Yes, you can put it that way.

– What happened?

– An issue with my medical aid, my husband, unemployment… and I had missed an appointment, I was ashamed, didn’t dare to call back, I wasn’t in a good shape, when it’s like this I think I do exactly the opposite of what I should. But now, there you go, I feel better so…

– So you come to see me now that you don’t need me anymore? Not bad. You know you could have called me, explained to me. I was aware of your husband’s difficulties, we could have talked about it.

– I… I know, it’s just that I didn’t want to look like I was begging, and most of all I was ashamed to have stood you up. It looks simple but I’ve taken it upon myself to call back, if you knew how many doctors must think I’ve been run over by a bus.

– And so why did you feel the need to come back?

– Because I think I’m not done with all this.

– What makes you think this way?

– I… I mean, I’m fine. Weight is fine, food is fine too. But I think I’m really happy I’ve lost weight.

Too happy.


I…I don’t want to gain weight again. And I think about it. A lot

– Ah. I warned you, didn’t I? After your “I don’t want to gain weight again”, come on pull the other one. The truth is that you are SCARED to gain weight again. A lot.

– A bit.

– A lot.

– Ok, a lot. But it’s too good, you can’t understand.

– Oh yes, I understand. It’s much more comfortable to be slimmer. And those compliments… But except this aspect, what would change if you’d put on, I don’t know, five kilos? People from your circle, would they make fun of you?

– Oh no. I know how to surround myself with loving people, I believe. But they would surely be sad for me, they would feel pity.

– You must be lucid. Some, not so many, would be truly sad for you. Others, more numerous, would be very happy. Slimming down is an achievement, not many people manage to do so on the long term. Thus envy from some and admiration from others. And this is the issue. The more enhancements, the higher your stress is. And, you know it, this stress, this “weight issue”, triggers, within you, emotions… that make you want to eat. Do you see where I’m getting?

– Yee… yes. No but I don’t think about it the whole day in reality. Furthermore, when I overdo things, I tell myself it’s not so bad, the next day I’ll watc…

– Ouch.

-No, I… I didn’t mean this, I’m not watching my diet, what I mean is that I trust regulation, right. That’s it, isn’t it? Just like you said?

– I need help I believe, actually.

– I think you were right to pick up your phone…

Well, I’ve got it, I’ll have a few more sessions with mister Zermati and I must confess I’m not unhappy, even if rahhh, he gets on my nerves sometimes, right.

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