I like #55


Last Friday Violette and I should have flown to Casablanca, to attend the music festival of Mawazine. Was it our karma? I don’t know but the fact remains that, after getting up at dawn, our taxi had a break-down on the highway and we waited for the tow truck for so long that the plane took off without us . Let me tell you that we were not best pleased. Hi we are Bridget of the blogosphere (I say, from now on people who will invite us will give us a departure time one day before the actual event’s day in order to make sure we will be there)

Despite all this, the week-end hasn’t been that spoiled, weather was amazing and my kids and husband were delighted to spend some time with me in the end (they didn’t explicitly say so but I ‘d like to think so).

Come on, a few likes for this disguised as Tuesday Monday…

I like peas, mainly the idea that Rose, when she’ll be older, will feel nostalgia as I do when shelling them. Let’s hope peas will still exist for her to shell them with her own daughter…


I like that open-air cafes on the Seine’s quay right next to François Mitterand library are now open. Summer is coming, on Sunday it was even here a bit in advance. However, honestly, the cafe La Dame du Canton sucks in terms of organisation, more than one hour to get our pizzas, it’s too much, we were really pissed.


I like to touch or almost the top of the trees when I’m on BNF’s forecourt. And the clouds too, which reflect endlessly in the mirrors of these open book buildings. I also like Simone de Beauvoir footbridge, bridging the gap between the right and left banks . When I cross it I think about an angel.


I like my Churros with his Paname tote bag, his flip-flops and his shorts. It’s so him. I like having met, that day, Laetitia, who has been a long-standing reader and is a friend of my friend Will…


I like this dress from Monoprix, which I bought last year already with a slightly different cut. The print of the fabric reminds me of my own childhood.


I like, finally, my new JB Martin shoes, I already had almost the same last year in black – they stayed in a good conditions which is, for me who destroy my shoes in one season, exceptional – and I chose them beige (they are less grey than on the picture) for this summer. I’m going to buy this brand regularly, they are like slippers but slippers that are more feminine than Birkenstock – for which I’m going to fall too I think, taking advantage of the fact that they are again validated by the fashion police (which can slightly piss off that said).


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