The little black dress

There we go, it’s hard to better describe the evening at Ginette’s than Helen already did. Moreover, it’s not cool to lay it on thick for those who were not here. But at the same time, it was so nice that I feel like telling, in my own way. But since you already know how it went, I’ll tell you the ‘before part’, alright?

– 15h00: I receive Helene’s 57th email in two days to tell me she found her dream dress for 193 euros and a pair of biker boots, easy to put on and which rooocks. She’s spent more than three hundred euros so far and is not sure it’s reasonable. I do what you must always do with friends when it comes to inconsiderate purchase. I lie and say it’s very reasonable.

– 15h03: Julie still hasn’t chosen her outfit, it worries her.

– 15h05: Pomme is planning to wear a super sexy low-necked tunic. But she hesitates.

– 15h08: I know too well what I’m going to wear. My magic Promod dress bought during sales for 29 euros. With my green cowboy boots, which don’t win unanimous support but are as comfortable as sleepers.

– 15h15: It’s really really nice to have your outfit sorted in advance. No worries, no hassle. When I see the girls worrying so much, I have a good laugh. But I understand, it must be really hard to meet your public without THE outfit in which you look fabulous.

– 15h18: I like my black dress too much. It fits closely round my tummy but now I’m a girl who assumes so I don’t give a damn.

– 15h30: Hélène has a headache, she doesn’t know if she will come to her own party.

– 15h34: I don’t want to copy but I also have a headache. Luckily, I know what I’m going to wear tonight otherwise I wouldn’t be overconfident. Meeting your public is already super stressful, thus without THE little black dress, no way.

– 16h00: I’m not sure there will be a speech but in doubt I prepare a small one. Whatever I say, don’t forget anyone during the thank-you part.

– 16h12: I’m afraid I won’t know what to write on my books when I’ll have to sign them.

– 16h16: I call the man to tell him I’m scared by the autographs and also to meet my public.

– 16h18: The man reminds me my book is not out yet.

– 16h23: It’s crazy how male jealousy can make them mean.

– 16h30: I hope it won’t be too crazy. Becoming a star is very psychologically perturbing. But I owe my public everything, thus I’m willing to throw myself with all my might in the crowd.

– 16h45: Now normally I should start getting ready. But I know exactly what I’m going to wear, so I’m zen. I’m going to watch an episode of Desperate Housewives to relax. I must be very calm to meet my public.

– 17h30: Off I go, I’m going to put my magic dress on, a touch of Terracotta and I’m ready for the show.

– 17h45: I’ve LOST my black dress.

– 17h47: It’s crazy, I’ve looked everywhere.

– 17h48: I cancel everything. So long my public.

– 17h49: I want to die.

– 17h52: The man says I can wear something else.

– 18h00: I have NOTHING else. Moreover, I can’t fit in my jeans for the past three day. Because of period hormones. And M&M’s too maybe. And WHO bought M&M’s? Right? Yeah. Exactly.

– 18h04: The man says I can very well wear an overall he doesn’t give a shit.

– 18h08: I do him a concession over the phone to sort things out. Right, I’m ready for anything. That’s it, a Caro without her laser saber, is like a Sego without her Francois (yeah, I know, it’s a subliminal message. Even wearing an overall, I’m left-wing)

– 18h12: Girls tell me to put on my green tunic.

– 18h14: It’s in the laundry.

– 18h16: I’m going to meet my public with a green tunic which smells like panties.

– 18h19: I extract my green tunic from the laundry bag. That’s weird, there’s a black rag wrapped up around the belt.

– 18h23: “Girls, no panic, found the dress. All is fine it was in the man’s closet. The bastard.”

– 18h27: I know that’s not nice but I’d rather die than admit I’m going to Ginette’s to make love to my public with a dress that has been rotting for ten days at the bottom of the laundry bag with socks and underwear. Anyway, Febreze will help.

– 18h30: I’m out of Febreze.

– 18h33: I spray half of my perfume on my dress and iron it.

– 18h38: That’s great, Chance by Chanel and old sock give something like tartiflette[1] smell. I’m pushing my luck tonight.

– 18h40: I’m so nervous I drop my TerraCotta. I have to wipe the brush on the tiles to be able to finish my makeup.

– 18h46: I’m going to meet my public in the best possible conditions.

That’s it, the start was not very easy, but the rest of the event unfolded as if I were floating. I didn’t see all of you, neither did I speak to everyone but I loved meeting ClaireMM, Karine, Sofiso, Fanny, Dola, Yasmina, Laurenn, Annelise, Lilo, Delphine, La fée Daubette, Estelle, Lili, LN75, Lovepink, Marion, PetiteLouise and so on. Please forget my oversights, I had a lot to drink even if we swore not to drink and behave. You were handsome and pretty, you were exactly as I wanted you to be. I read somewhere else that nice souls were there and I don’t see what to add.

There you go, I don’t know if I deserved all that warmth but I don’t care, I learn as I’m getting older to take what I’m given and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…

Edit: If you agree, we’ll do it again on the 25th of April. Same place, same cause, same punishment. And this time I’ll be able to sign autographs because my book will be out… YEAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Edit (2): to all my friends from before the blog, thank you for being there. I care for these things.

Edit (3): I forgot but Esme was there too. And truly, I feel bad not to have mentioned her when I was truly, truly happy to see her, this charming and sweet young girl. Do you forgive me?

Edit (4): here’s the proof of alcohol’s ravages. Joelle. Joelle was here. And forgetting her is in itself the proof I should NEVER drink again. Never EVER. Joelle, I meant everything I said, even if I was probably thrilled by Champagne. You have to keep doing those interviews.

[1] TN: sort of potato bake made with ‘reblochon’, a strong smelling cheese from the Alps.

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