Shut up chocolate, I am zermating.


So, what about my zermating? Believe me, believe not, since last week’s consultation, I’ve lost two kilos. Rest assured, I am not jumping all over the place screaming out of joy, I know myself enough to know that I usually celebrate with a piece of  custard tart and, bam, the two kilos are back.

Nevertheless, I haven’t seen the needle tilting that way for months. So I deduce that maybe something has started out.

It must be said that keeping a food diary is a lethal weapon against snacking. Of course, it is always possible lie through your teeth. But in that case, it’s really going to be an expensive consultation if I pretend to feed solely on greens and grilled meat, at regular hours and with reasonable portions.

As a result, inevitably, to the ‘Touch of sea salt’ chocolate slab that eyes me up not even one hour after a rather copious meal (a to die for bagel loaded with cream cheese and avo + a slice of homemade figs tart), I say get lost. Basically, let’s say that chocolate cravings are like cigarette ones, they goes away. Or not.

Right, even if I feel like a bomb shell since my weight went down to a new set of tens (yes, those two kilos are all the more symbolic for that reason) nothing is sorted out, because it is not normal to have my eye on chocolate at 14h right after taking the edge of my hunger. I have a feeling the journey to eating serenity will be a long and bumpy ride.

That’s it, otherwise today I am actually going back to work after our summer holidays and I feel full of enthusiasm, sort of… A true warrior who will go a long way in life.


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