Everything about G.R.O.S (1)

This is an informative message, which explains the lack of image with it. Ok, mainly I didn’t have any idea to illustrate it.

As I receive a lot of requests by email or in the comments on how to get information on Zermati’s or Apfeldorfer’s guidelines, I wanted to give you the GROS’ web site, the network created, amongst others, by these two doctors.

You’ll find there plenty information on their method – if we can call it this way – and by writing to the email address given on the site you can get a list of health professionals with the same obedience. I think also by calling Zermati’s secretariat – in the Yellow Pages – you can get some numbers.

I’m often being asked for the price of a consultation and refund possibilities. I said it already but it’s 100 Euros per consultation, with one appointment every two weeks. In my case, I get refunded, as my GP asked for an eating disorder specific care. Now I’m not sure it will work for everyone, but I think so. I have an extra medical aid so personally I can manage. But it’s obviously an investment and you have to pay in advance, thus I agree it’s not within all budgets’ reach.

Here you go, that’s it for today, you’ll excuse the terse aspect of this article but as Helmut loves running jokes, she’s playing the stomach bug sketch again. For the past two day, I think no place in the house hasn’t been sprayed with vomit. Couch and carpet included. I even walked around the whole day with shoes stud with regurgitated milk, maintaining, with typical maternal bad faith, that, really, snow and salt do damage the shoes, damn it.

In short, I imaging that it will be my turn on Saturday to make sure I’m in perfect shape on Monday to start over the week and deal with the olders’ puke as their immune system is equivalent to a fly’s, may I remind you.

Maternity is a rose paved path.

(1) : TN: French research group on obesity and overweight, this association groups health professionals who deal with people struggling with their weight or eating behavior.

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