Zermati, answers to a few of your questions, episode 2


So, more answers to questions on Zermati’s method, as I’m struggling to answer in the comments. I’ve selected a few questions, I’ll do it next week as well if you are still interested, I’m afraid all at once will be too long.

– You say we must detach ourselves from kilos and though you weight yourself every day? Paradox, isn’t it?

Answer: First of all, who snitched for the scale? Then, wait a sec, I’ve never pretended to be a Zermating Dalai Lama. I’m not yet in the phase where I eat 100% without feeling guilty, where I don’t think of what I’m eating, have eaten or will eat and where I accept the idea of gaining, loosing, gaining, los… Ok. So yes I weight myself, on a scale that doesn’t mean anything as it reduces the figure by five kilos straight away. Actually yes, it means something. That it loves me, I think. In short, it’s indeed the next step, get rid of the scale. And it’s a girl who went, fifteen years ago, to islands in Italy with a scale in her backpack who’s writing this.

– Ok, you’re not careful about what you eat and do slim down. But from what you say you eat, aren’t you afraid that inside you it’s not so nice? Still, stuff like vegetables and fruits, it’s important for our organism, isn’t it?

Answer: First of all, my answers are not to be taken literally. When I write that for dinner I eat what I have, quiche, pizza, pasta or so, it doesn’t mean I don’t regularly eat ratatouille, tomatoes and mozzarella, cucumber or I don’t know. However, I’d rather die than have veggies I don’t like or unseasoned because it’s good for your health. What I find awesome in Zermati and Apfeldorfer’s approach to food is this way of going against all brainwashing about five fruits and vegetables a day. Not being a food control freak, it means trusting your desires. Desires that naturally drive you towards what you are forbidding yourself when you’re frustrated. When you are not frustrated anymore, it’s surprising, some food loses their aura totally. Example? There is some EXPIRED Nutella in my cupboard. Yes. Madness. Oh and what I’ve notice is that I never have heartburn anymore. In my opinion, it means that within my body, it’s less a war than before. For more info on healthy eating, it’s here.

– Why do you say Zermati advised not to tell you current weight?

Answer: In that article, I relate the episode. Basically, what he wanted me to understand is that featuring my weight loss too much is like forcing myself not to gain again. Once everybody knows how much you have lost, it’s as if there was an obligation to stay slim. Yet it’s this “obligation” that, nine times out of ten, makes you gain again, because it generates emotions you can’t handle without eating. Especially, you shouldn’t delude yourself, not everyone around you has good intentions. I first, I’m always very annoyed when my friends manage to stop smoking. It’s now said, sorry Chloe for handing you the first resumption fag.

– And what does it change in your life to have lost weight?

Answer: Again, lot of answers already I think. But basically, I don’t have that feeling, like some of you, of not fitting in or that “fear” of being slimmer. I have to admit one of the first consequence is financial, what I don’t eat I spend. In clothing. Recently a playsuit. Yeah, you can laugh. Fair enough. Seriously, the most positive effect is that I don’t have to tear my hair out in the morning in front of my closet. It’s the kind of consideration that doesn’t really showcase my brain – which maybe melted just like snow in the sun, who knows – but who doesn’t understand this happiness has never been fat. Also, of course, less tired in the stairs, more self confident in the street, less shy I think, less petrified when it comes to speaking in public. Less ‘guilty’ to be overweight when I enter a shop. At the end of the day, not much. Still mother of three who don’t care, I guess, still married to a maniac but as much as before. And still, that irrational fear to put on weight again. As I said above, there is room before I shave my head and walk around in an orange toga.

– And how do you manage during meals? When you’re not hungry you don’t eat but it’s not very family friendly! And if you’re hungry at 16h? Do you eat a blanquette?

Answer: After a while, what is magical is that you are hungry more or less at the same time as everyone else. That said, sometimes I’m not hungry, I eat next to nothing while explaining that right now I don’t really feel like it but I stay at the table with them or sit on the couch right next to them to chat. Because from now on, no fight to finish the plates, no remark like if you don’t eat your greens you can forget about dessert. And believe me, we have won a lot of serenity. Meal is a moment of conviviality. But it’s not the only one. And according to doctor Z, it’s a good example to give not to force yourself to eat.

Edit. The picture is to show that balanced diet also works with children. I’ll come back on it but since I’ve started this therapy, I don’t bother my kids with this anymore. As a result, sometimes, Rose begs me to give her… some salad. As a snack.


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