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Yesterday, several questions have been asked in the comments and call for rather developed answers. Alas, I have about three minutes and 12 seconds to write this article, so I really advise that, for further details, you rummage in the articles ‘Zermati and Me’ in which I already have broached many of these topics. This article sums up rather well all this.

– What do you do when you are entertained by friends and it’s impolite not to eat if you are not hungry after Pringles?

Answer: I don’t go out every night, not even close. Thus, when I’m invited, I ban all form of restriction. I tell myself that this particular night is special and all is allowed. I go there hungry because the idea is to appreciate what I will eat. If I’m full during desert, I don’t force myself either. And the next day? The next day, I don’t weight myself, because I know I probably have gained one kilo – in case I went really wild – and it will undermine me. So I trust REGULATION. Namely, naturally, I’ll be hungry later and probably less than if I didn’t have both cheese fondue AND Vacherin the day before. The objective of this therapy, doctor Zermati was telling me at every session, is not to break your social bonds.

– And alcohol? What do you do with alcohol?

Answer: A bit similar to the previous one, I don’t drink every night. Besides, as far as I’m concerned, but then it’s a nature’s curiosity, alcohol puts me off my food. My drinks are my supper, basically. But once again unless you’re drinking one liter per day – and in that case your problem is not specifically food I’m afraid – alcohol is not an issue.

– But what happen if you feel like eating simply to enjoy it? Not because of hunger but not to fill yourself either?

Answer: Well then you do it. Doctor Zermati is positive on this subject, you must know how to eat something without hunger or feeling guilty. To do so, you must DECIDE what you will indulge with, sit in front of your treat and savour all its taste subtleties.

– But during the day what do you eat exactly then?

Answer: It depends. A croissant in the morning, pastas for lunch or a club sandwich and chips, or a salad, in short what is tempting me. In general, to end my meal, one or two pieces of chocolate. In the evening, whatever is in my fridge, rice, pastas, courgettes, quiche, you name it. With a piece of chocolate to end on a sweet touch which I can’t do without. Basically, I eat just like before but less because never, or almost never, while reading or watching TV (devil).

That’s it for today !

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