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Hi everybody [1]! When you read this article, I’ll be a bit more northwards, in a slightly weird land, where men wear kilts and sometimes nothing under them. What a cliché, you’ll tell me, and you’ll be right, but please let me dream. I’m thus for the week in Edinburgh, as part of a press trip I’ll tell you more about in the coming days, I fully intend to narrate our adventures as they happen, I am leaving in good company: I say we’ll enjoy big time.

And, height of coincidence, I had chosen to announce today an English version for Pensées by Caro. Wait, not a shabby translation from Google, no no no, but the fruits of a huge amount of work from Aurélie Lasherme, a perceptive and  tenacious young woman, who, turning her nose up at my indecisive temperament, clung to the project and has been working on my texts for months. To be honest I hadn’t really thought of crossing the Atlantic or the Channel, not sure my writings could be interesting in English. But finally, on an enthusiastic proposal from Aurélie, I said: nothing ventured nothing gained, and if I too want to, one day, speak to you from “the studio”, I’ll have to turn to English.

All articles won’t be translated, but already, all the ones narrating my ‘Zermati’ journey and all ‘Minutes by Minutes’ are available plus several other articles. We’ll assess in a few months if we’ve hit the nail on the head and time will tell, basically.

In any case, a huge thank you to Aurélie and Frédéric who did a great job, I almost feel like Carrie Bradshaw…

That’s all folks


[1] TN : In English in the original text

9 comments on “In English please…”

  1. Aix Parisienne told…

    Am I the 1st one? Yeaahhhhhhhh !
    Congrats for this english version 😉 Will allow us to improve our level and allow all english speaking people to read easily your funky blog 😉 Wish you the best Caro !!!

  2. marieal told…

    wonderfull idea, il will be for the best for my english, which is not the best one! long life to those translations! maybe aurélie could make corrections of our comments too? lol
    enjoy your stay in scotland!

  3. Pascalou told…

    When you read this article, I’ll be a little….

    Les filles derrière ”when” c’est le présent quand ce n’est pas un when interrogatif !!

    Je sais c’est pas bien mais faut pas le laisser sur un 1er article please….ça le fait pas sur une 1ère phrase ! Sinon c’est cool, I can imagine how much work is involved in this translation !!!

    Major congrats.


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