My ten food commandments


Six months. I’ve been following doctor Zermati’s advice for six months. Without meaning to do an appraisal, because I think it’s too soon and mainly because I’ve integrated the fact that featuring my weight loss could, at the end, causes another loss, I keep in mind the below ten commandments which are not really commandments but which have become, over the weeks, my own mantras, my crutches when chocolate is calling…

#1 – What you eat when you are hungry doesn’t make you gain weight.

#2 – It’s eating beyond your hunger that causes weight gain.

#3 – A balance diet is obtained in the long term never over one day, nor over one week.

#4 – I’m not more responsible for being fat that I am for being small, short sighted or stammerer.

#5 – Losing weight won’t make me kinder.

#6 – It’s fear of gaining weight again that nine times of ten makes you put on weight again.

#7 – My value doesn’t depend on the weight my scale displays.

#8 – After an excess, the only thing to do is to wait for the feeling of hunger to come back before eating, without feeling guilty for the pleasure taken.

#9 – Eating without hunger is as dumb as charging an already full cell phone battery.

#10 – You can lose weight while eating chocolate daily or any other so called taboo food.

That’s it for today, I’ll come back soon on the “do you need to like yourself to love yourself?” subject, after discussing it in length with doctor Z., I believe I’ve understood his point and, at the same time, made a giant step forward, when it comes to what I think of me and also of my relationships with lovers, friends and family.

What is funny in this regard, it’s that Jaenada’s book I’ve just finished ends in particular with this sentence (as I recall it): “You don’t love someone for a particular reason, you love him or her and that’s it”. That’s, in substance, the conclusion of my exchange with Zermati: we love in general unconditionally people, whether they are our parents, children, partner or friends. Why aren’t we capable of doing so for ourselves?

Edit: I’ve chosen the picture because I believe I haven’t dared such a pose for ten years and because, even if it is indeed there, this muffin top, modest but present, strangely, doesn’t bother me.

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