Liking yourself and or loving yourself?


“Is it necessary to like yourself to love yourself?”

Yeah well it’s all fun and game but I am supposed to work on this subject for my next session with doctor Z.
And I’m lightly drying up.

Let me tell you that the Doc has his thoughts on the matter and from what I’ve understood – we’re starting to know each other well – the answer is no.

It could even be the reason for all our misfortune, this confusion we make between being liked and being loved.
No, you’re welcome, it was a pleasure.

Edit: The picture is there just because, right now, I wish I were in Sifnos. And also I like the mise en abyme: I’m taking a picture of you taking a picture of me. And finally, it is not that far from the question of liking our image or not. Ok, I talking shit now.

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